• Oct

    New version of Quardlock Authentication Server

    We have launched the new Quardlock Authentication Server. This release is prepared to work with our future Mobile Authenticator as well as with the future Virtual Advanced Card. It is key for the expansion of Quardlock’s portfolio to offer a variety of devices for different levels of security requirements and convenience.

  • Jul

    Partnering with the Pavilion of Denmark at Expo2020

    We are proud to share that Pavilion of Denmark (Danish Business Pavilion) and Quardlock have agreed a partnership for Expo 2020 Dubai. Quardlock will protect and support many of the business processes during the Expo with its unique offline biometric card and integrated backend solution. Access to conference rooms, time tracking, system login, elevator access will all only be possible with the personalised Quardlock Advanced Card which will also be used as a digital business card.

  • May

    Patent granted in Europe

    Quardlock‘s biometric solution for the protection of identities and the security of digital/physical access and transactions is now also patented in Europe. We are proud of the achievement.

  • Apr


    A couple of months ago Quardlock kicked-off a complete re-branding program to support its global business vision. The new branding will reinforce Quardlock’s position as a global leader in passwordless biometric and identity verification solutions. It reflects the values and power of the patented technology. Going live is scheduled for April 2021.

  • Mar

    Enhanced administration tools

    QuardlockTM has finalised the implementation of a rebranded UI for the back-end solution, giving our customers a completely new and a user-friendly dashboard which includes new features, reporting and overviews.

  • Feb

    Latest generation of Quardlock solution delivered

    The latest generation of QuardlockTM solution was delivered to selected partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia for Proof of Concept. Pilot projects will run throughout the first half of 2021 to validate the state-of-the-art technology with the unique and patented biometric offline OTP solution.

  • Nov

    PSD2 launch

    QuardlockTM launched PSD2 development to further enhance the functionalities of our QuardlockTM solution to ensure full compliance with the new payment services regulations.