Frequently Asked Questions

Security Questions

What protects the Quardlock CardTM from being cloned?

The biometric generated OTP provides a dynamic element in the authentication process that makes it impossible to make a workable clone of the card. The biometric element protects against spoofing where hackers intercept a static PIN code and steal the card.

What makes the QuardlockTM Solution so secure?

QuardlockTM provides an offline biometric smartcard for secure passwordless login. Since it is an offline device, it is completely protected against all the dangers on the internet. Your biometric data will never leave the card or be exposed directly to any computer system. Instead, your biometric data on the card will generate one-time-passwords which will be used to authenticate yourself and grant you access to different applications. By putting this dynamic element between your biometric data and the application you want to access your personal biometric data is 100 % protected.

How does QuardlockTM protect my biometric data from being compromised?

Your biometric data is only stored offline in the card’s secure element and not in any database or on any server. By removing biometric data completely from the Cloud and any computer system you will have the highest level of security available since there is nothing to hack or compromise. The data and code in the secure element can't be read without destroying the secure element itself.

How is the biometric data stored on QuardlockTM Card?

Your biometric data is stored in the card's secure element only. The secure element cannot be hacked or compromised without being destroyed should a hacker try to gain access.

Why is the OTP provided by QuardlockTM Solution more secure than an OTP that I receive on my mobile phone?

A mobile phone is typically connected to the internet. Therefore, any transaction on the mobile phone is at risk of being attacked or manipulated. It is well known that OTPs being send to a mobile phone via SMS or push notification can easily be intercepted and abused. Even native mobile authenticators providing a time-based OTP have been cracked by hackers that have gained access to the mobile phone. QuardlockTM Card is always offline and therefore protected against such hacker attacks.

Technical and Functional Questions

What is the false recognition rate of QuardlockTM Solution?

QuardlockTM Solution has a false rejection rate (FRR) of less than 1.4% and a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 0.0019%.

Is QuardlockTM Solution patented?

Yes, the solution to use biometric data to create a one-time-password (OTP) or dynamic cryptogram is patented in multiple countries in the World, including the US, Europe and India.

Can I use my QuardlockTM Card for multiple purposes?

Yes, QuardlockTM Card can be used as a multi-purpose device to open doors/gates, login to your desktop or any other IT-system, pay at the canteen, identify yourself at the tube entrance, etc.. It can also be used by governmental institutions to issue eIDs, e-passports, e-driving licenses etc., all combined in one single card.

Can I open a door that uses NFC reader using the QuardlockTM Solution?

Yes, QuardlockTM Card communicates with NFC readers through 13,56 MHz and complies with ISO14443 (type A and B). QuardlockTM Card will send UID (User ID, serial no of the card) and OTP to the NFC reader for authentication in any access control system.

Am I able to withdraw money from an ATM using QuardlockTM Solution?

Yes, it is possible to use your fingerprint to create a dynamic PIN instead of using a static PIN code to identify you're the entitled user of the card.

Is QuardlockTM Solution ready for PSD2?

Yes, QuardlockTM is launching a PSD2 solution very soon with our QuardlockTM Advanced Solution combined with a mobile App that in a very secure way complies with the requirements for strong customer authentication and dynamic linking in e-commerce transactions.

How is the power of QuardlockTM Advanced Card generated to activate the fingerprint and the display?

QuardlockTM Advanced Card has a built-in battery that can last for up to 120 standalone usages. The battery can be recharged with an NFC reader. QuardlockTM Advanced Card also has energy harvesting technology implemented that enables the card to work without using energy from the battery when in close contact with NFC readers. In some cases where the NFC reader or POS terminal is not transmitting sufficient energy the battery in the card will kick in and provide the extra energy needed to operate the card. This feature ensures that the card will always work with any NFC reader or POS terminal.

Is QuardlockTM Solution GDPR compliant?

Yes, QuardlockTM Solution offers ultimate security and GDPR compliance since personal biometric data is not stored on any computer system, but only in the cards secure element where it is encrypted and protected against potential hacker attacks. The user has a complete control over his own personal and sensitive information which also includes the right to be forgotten, simply by destroying the card or by having the biometric data erased from the card.

Can QuardlockTM Advanced Solution be used as an eID card?

Yes, Quardlock’s combined unique security features make the solution ideal for a usage as an eID, driver license, health insurance card or any other social security document. Social security fraud and identity theft can be prevented and billions of taxpayer money saved.

How can QuardlockTM Solution prevent fraud?

QuardlockTM Solution will only create an OTP when it is used with an enrolled live fingerprint. Therefore, identity theft, credit card fraud, social security fraud and any other fraud involving the verification of someone’s identity can be prevented. Friendly fraud (the card owner claiming a misuse) is eliminated as well.

How does QuardlockTM Card communicate with QuardlockTM Authentication Server?

The user can either present the card to an NFC reader for automatic OTP transmission or type the displayed OTP into a login screen which then will be send to QuardlockTM Authentication Server in order to verify the user and grant access to the application.

Commercial Questions

What is the added value of the QuardlockTM Solution compared with other biometric cards?

QuardlockTM provides a unique patented solution that enables the owner of the QuardlockTM Card to generate an offline OTP, PIN, CVV, etc. using her/his fingerprint. The onboarded biometric data is only stored on the card, making it unhackable and completely worthless for anybody else but the righteous owner of the card. QuardlockTM has also unique hardware/software back-end components that enable the owner of the solution to manage the whole workflow with the card.

What is the price of the QuardlockTM Advanced Solution?

Our solution is available either based on the SaaS model with a monthly fee for 36 to 60 months or as an upfront investment for the solution package (cards + software) with a yearly maintenance fee. The price is depending on the volume of cards, the number of users, the number of applications loaded on the card and the software backend usage.

Company Questions

Is Quardlock a European Company?

Yes, Quardlock ApS was founded in Denmark by Søren Hald Jensen who is the CTO of the company. The European Union funding proramme Horizon 2020 and the Innovation Fund Denmark co-sponsored the development of the latest QuardlockTM Solution with their grants.

Do you have open positions at Quardlock?

Yes, we have constantly new Job opportunities. In case of your interest please contact us via the contact form.